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Royal 22nd Regiment Vandoos 2022 Imjin Game Jersey

Royal 22nd Regiment Vandoos 2022 Imjin Game Jersey

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Traditional rendered jersey with sewn crest, names, shoulder badges and numbers.

The Royal 22nd Regiment (R22R; French: Royal 22e Régiment) is an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army. Known colloquially in English as the Van Doos (representing an anglicized pronunciation of the French number twenty-two, vingt-deux) or in French as le Vingt-deuxième, the mostly francophone regiment comprises three Regular Force battalions, two Primary Reserve battalions, and a band, making it the largest regiment in the Canadian Army.!      (Wikipedia)   

In the midst of the Korean War, Canadians were among the U.N. forces manning the hills that constituted the front line facing Communist forces of the North Koreans and Chinese. Between those hills flowed the Imjin river below. The winters were cold enough to freeze the river, and to Canadians a frozen ice surface is always an irresistible attraction to play the national winter sport. Reacting to requests, and considered a necessary morale booster, hockey equipment from Canada was flown to Korea and then trucked to the front lines. Immediately the ice was cleared while sandbags and bits of wood were set up to define the rink boundaries. Right away the regiments organised teams and began playing against each other. Matches were held with the sounds of war echoing between the hills as a backdrop to the sounds of cheers and jeers from spectating troops. Veterans later recalled that it gave them a couple of hours to forget about the war even if you could still clearly hear it.   (radio-canada)

100% Polyester Light-weight Pro-Knit

K3G Collar, Scooped Bottom, Tri-Colour Design, Small Pin Air holes

Care Instructions: 

Wash: Machine, warm, inside out, like colours

Tumble Dry Low

Bleach: Only non-chlorine

Dry Clean: Do not dry clean

Iron: Do not iron                                                                             

Fabric Softener: Do not use

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